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Jamie  Louise  Cline

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8/19/2017 1:21 AM
Medical Board
Acupuncturist (ACU)
United States


Disclaimer: The above is an accurate representation of real-time information currently maintained by the State Medical Board of Ohio. The Joint Commission and the NCQA have informed the Board that they consider this on-line license status information as fulfilling the primary source requirement for verification of licensure in compliance with their respective credentialing standards. This information is otherwise provided as a public service and no user may claim detrimental reliance thereon.

The State Medical Board utilizes the Federation Credentials Verification Service (FCVS) as an agent and partner in licensing physicians in Ohio. Physicians initially licensed in Ohio after February 1st, 1997 have had their medical education, post-graduate training and examination history primary source verified by FCVS. Therefore, the use of this website for documentation of primary source verification (PSV) of education and training meets current NCQA guidelines for those licensed after February 1, 1997. This statement, affirming that primary source verification of medical education and post-graduate training has been performed as part of the licensure process, should be printed out and retained in your files. Prior to February 1, 1997, the State Medical Board prime source verified the post-graduate training and examination history.